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Bicycle Life and My Life! // Touring in Iceland and England // Life Adventures are built on // Iceland by Bike // Home Improvements with Brian Perich //

 Topping the 2013 Totherocktour to the Canadian Rockies I met Kiefer Sutherland in person. That was awesome, he is one of Hollywood's highest paid Canadian actors of all time. We look like brothers. no?
This Walmart Cruiser is a 26er mountain bike frame with swooping frame tubes, I added a rear carrier rack for a backpack, tie down strap is from Canadian Tire, and Butterfly handlebars were $25 from

 For crossing Mongolia, I had support come from Lynskey Performance USA in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Unfortunately, their support was limited to a titanium production frame and it was difficult dealing with their Korean importing affiliate to receive the M240 titanium mountain bike frame for build up. Finally, their marketing manager Don Erwin made the necessary emails and a frame arrived at my apartment in South Korea. The expedition was one of my most difficult, once completed, I required extensive medical treatment.
Lynskey Performance is a high quality bicycle manufacturer based in the United States of America.

 The reality out across Mongolia is that all your travel will depend on the people you meet. This friendly Khalk Mongol group were hauling furniture for their move across the Steppe. They drove a giant Russian 1950's era truck towing a large farm trailer. Since the roads are unpaved, it was like taking a 1000km journey on a farm tractor for them, slow and trying not to overheat the engine, it looked challenging.

 I've ridden internet mountain bikes from in Korea, I loved the Blackcat that eventually took me clear across the Taklamakan Desert and the Himalayas in 2011, I invested $400 in the original bike with 25,000km when it was parted and the aluminum frame donated to Ahn Daegi at Gangneung Bike Mart, Korea. I wanted to leave Daegi a memorable gift for all the sponsored wrenching he did to support my trips.
 One of my latest bikes is a 1990 CCM bicycle, the model is ICE, it has 26 inch wheels and is easily converted for bicycle touring. I have my Mongolia trek Mavic Crossland wheels with GT pedals. I didn't really modify the stock, original bike which has the original 18 speed gearing. The steel frame and steel fork offer a comfortable and stable ride. I upgraded the tires with Continental Mountain King 2.2 and they are great on paved roads, gravel or dirt trails.
 To fund or pay for all the expenses related to my journey in Iceland and England *(Paris and Luxumbourg) I pushed lawnmowers and bush choppers as seen in the image above. It was difficult work and the temperatures were hot. I enjoyed relief from the heat and humidity with my Tilley Endurables hat, also I worked for my former best friend from elementary school - Nick Rosati, a multi-millionaire and kind guy to offer some labour to help fund my journey to Europe. No journeys posted in this blog came for free or without intense and constant efforts - all the prices are paid with hard work and sometimes luck!
 I worked briefly for the automotive giant in Detroit, Michigan - FCA Chrysler, it was run by the UAW United Auto Workers Union of America, a corrupt bunch of pricks! Union workers from Detroit were habitually late for work, using drugs while on the job, drinking, sleeping, using Smartphones to check facebook updates while on their fork lift machines. The Chrysler company hires thugs from Detroit and they run the plant inside and out. I left the company in February 2016 with a pocket full of money.
 Another hobby I have is building with wood, light carpentry, in this case I had no speakers operational in the back of my work/travel Ford van, so I built a speaker box from Clearance speakers at Canadian Tire. The large speakers were $10, the Small speakers were $5. I also bought a used Sony audio deck at Canadian Tire and used Options Mastercard which gives me discounts after all the home improvement material, insurance and other expenses are paid using the credit. I always pay it off right away. Build points, or free money at Canadian Tire, let their system work for you.
 Todd and Jimmy worked on the rear deck to the entrance to Ignacio/Carlos's apartment. I was fortunately to have the help, in the past year - help is few and far between.
 At my parents, I worked cleaning up their yard, fallen tree branches, and completed a landscaping project with the help of my children and wife. It was tough moving home and taking on all those responsibilities. In Korea, life was a simple routine with living in a small maintenance-free apartment, good employment in English education, and plenty of free hours to go cycling on shorter adventures that inspired longer ones!
My dad is 70 years old, although not very active at all in sports, he did join me for one bike ride.
Here I was walking nearby Geyser in Iceland. Friends and I collected wild blueberries from the meadows, they were delicious and abundant. Tourists stayed within the area surrounding the geyser which was also impressive.
Wild blueberries in August, location: Geyser, Iceland.
This is the Geyser, the photo doesn't have the best contrast but you can see scale with the group of tourists at the bottom left of the picture frame.
I jumped from FCA Fiat Chrysler Automotive in Detroit, Michigan as Production Supervisor (of UAW animals) and after getting fired by a cunning/jealous Chrysler JNAP Manager named Brandon Gloer of Lake Orion, Michigan. Being hired by Chrysler Automotive in Detroit was short lived, but I managed to make enough income to cover family moving expenses in our new home, and since completed major renovations. I followed the Chrysler employment with work at Rosati Construction in Windsor, Ontario which included commercial landscaping maintenance and lawn care. I worked for Nick Rosati my childhood best friend, and was supervised by Gene Morrone, also a childhood friend from elementary school. I saved enough money to fund a short bike trip to Iceland and England. I also visited Paris, France and Luxembourg with my friend James Penlington of Droitwich, England. Adventures always follow the low periods of life challenges, which is why I am continually planning new adventures in different parts of the world since leaving South Korea.
These boots were made for walking, cycling and adventuring. I am standing on an elevator in Luxembourg.
Icelandic horses were beautiful, they were also abundant along many of the roads around Iceland.
Sleeping was no problem in the cool 12-16 Celcius temperatures in August. Icelandic summers have only short 4 hours of darkness or twilight since they are above the Arctic Circle.
Then I visited James Penlington, a Marathon and Park runner in Droitwich, England. His family were very friendly, I met his parents in Thunder Bay, Ontario while they were on a cross-country road trip in 2005.
James getting directions while we continued our bicycle touring adventures in Lake District, Cumbria, England.
Navigating up Pikes Peak in Lake District was another highlight of cycling in northern England
James Penlington and I had our 17 year friendship reunion in style, the highest peak in England.

Riding trails with my nephew Rian Sullivan was a highlight. These woods are located in LaSalle, Ontario and this is the area where all my bicycle and mountain bike adventures began to take shape on short cross country rides since my early childhood. Cycling has been a long-standing foundation in my life for fitness and lately (past 10+ years) stress-relief from working abroad, teaching, raising a family - cycling has always helped me overcome difficulties and challenges in life situations and job occupations.
I restored this Chevy Express cargo van in 2015, Nice Rust Paint in high gloss shine. I used the van for courier delivery driving for a few months and sold it to the current owner who does carpet and flooring installations in Windsor, Ontario. A year after purchase, the new owner happily reported no issues at all since I had completed extensive maintenance a year earlier. Good karma with this purchase and resell!

Open roads in Essex County.
Quote: "Experience is the best teacher, but the tuition is very costly." Indeed!
Shoveling rocks used in commercial landscaping at the Oasis Plaza on Patillo Road, Lakeshore, Ontario.

Disposing of scrap metal fencing with Tony Rosati's son Vince. We worked together for a few days.
The barren field where I stacked and sorted bricks nearby the Oasis Plaza where I landscaped. It was hot and humid work with this assignment. I ended my employment on July 22, 2016 and bought a plane ticket for Iceland and the UK. My employment funded the entire journey in Iceland and England, also in France, and Luxembourg I had free accommodations thanks to my new and old Friends.
Bobcat that I wasn't licensed to drive had air conditioning and a radio, outside it was bleak/hot work.
All the good life, from teaching at universities in South Korea to the desert field next to the Oasis Plaza.
Steel toe shoes and dry earth, when I put heavy boots on the employment is a limited engagement!
Some Bosnian-Canadians I met in Windsor, they explained how to repair basement walls with waterproof membranes. I bought some material from them for my brother Steve who is living in Detroit, Michigan.
Roads of Mongolia, I cycled 3700 kilometers or 2299 miles in 65 days, I spent 10 days resting or had diarrhea and swollen ankles. In all, I enjoyed the 4-corners of Outer Mongolia and meeting Nomadic people
I briefly spent time digging holes through solid clay soil with Florian at my brother's house in Detroit, Michigan. I worked for cold beer.
I cut grass all summer 2016, it was tough work day after day due to humidity and landscapes.
Nice place, Nick Rosati's new home. My work included lifting lawnmowers inside the hedge areas, that was tough work...better to have footpaths to the inside for gardeners when you have spent that kind of money.
Bush chopped I piloted to chop long grass on commercial properties.
Hey, I bought a new toilet and I installed this unit myself in two different apartments I now manage.
Streets of Windsor after the rains.
Dirt from landmowing.
GT bicycle box free from Windsor. I am preparing to leave for Iceland.
Bike is shipped on VIA Rail a day before my departure for Toronto, Ontario. At the train terminal, I pickup my bike and a friendly Porter helps me all the way to the airport shuttle/train. I board the train.
VIA RAILWAY, this is how they load oversize luggage with a tractor and trailer.
Health check after 7 weeks of lawn mowing with Rosati Construction, when I worked at Chrysler Detroit, my range was in the RED ZONE. High stress and harassment by UAW union laborers at work caused a lot of health problems for me. No respect, no discipline for bad factory workers building Jeep Grand Cherokees and too many sour attitudes in Detroit - no wonder the place is a dump! LOL

Flying out of North America and on to Iceland.
I met David and we became friends, he also took me back to the hostel to retrieve my camera chargers I left in the Start Hostel. David was helpful and guided me north to continue on my own towards Akureyri.

Looking outside McDonalds while eating a soft ice cream in Paris, France. I had a wonderful experience exploring and meeting friendly locals in Paris. It's a city of culture, history, art/museums, people.
My rental bicycle option. Available at kiosks across the city of Paris. These were fun to commute on and have built in locks for security while visiting the Louvre museum or other landmarks on foot.
Train station "Gare" where I bought a ticket for Luxembourg to meet my friend James Penlington
Feeling physically fit from all the lawn mowing in Canada, and bicycle riding in Iceland!
Relaxed it shows in the lack of dark circles under my eyes, in Korea I had worked long hours talking with thousands of students, therefore, I was heavily taxed on my health and well-being. Outside Korea, I am more active but have to be flexible to find work and to keep myself going financially.
James likes wine, we purchased a few bottles in Calais, France before taking the ferry back to Dover, England.
James strolling through Droitwich, we were on our way to the library and home improvement store where I could buy supplies to repair his bathroom issues. Got everything repaired, minor plumbing repair - my specialty.
James in Droitwich.
Brasserie, a bier from France. Jame's has a beautiful home with fireplace and world-class piano Sasha plays.
Ready for hiking and cycling adventures. We are preparing to leave for the Lake District.
Nether Endsdale, Cumbria. We camped in the nearby campground and used Wifi in the pubs.

Hiking with Jame's family near Worchester, England. Sasha had broken her arm, she is a talented pianist.

Oh man, this was the last repair project at the Penlington residence, I spent hours and hours trimming thicket, straightening the fence with repair wires, and finally painting the entire fence until 10pm. Payment=friends.

Nicole was checking on my progress, long at work on that fence. Fortunately for James and Anna, I came for a visit! Free labor!

Back at Gatwick airport in the south of London, England. I was flying back to Iceland and on to Toronto, Ontario. After 37 days in Europe, it was time to return to other work adventures in home renovations.

This is the demolition started in apartment #1. I found dirt, roaches, wood borer insects, mold, stink, etc... the apartment was disgustingly dirty and definitely NOT maintained with leaky taps on the plumbing. The former property manager Johnny was a drug dealer/drug addict and operated from the building's basement.

Yes, filth.

Bunch of work, then I went for a swim and cut the grass at my parent's house in Windsor. The green machine finally blew a piston and is no longer working. I need to find another engine for it.

My friend Jae lariviere helped a lot, here he is cutting out the rotted wood where tie/sub floors used to be. The old refrigerator leaked water and rotted out the flooring.The smells in the apartment were equally disgusting. With some help from friends, I started a near impossible project/expedition for me!!!!

Bill Fontaine came and plastered and sanded off the roaches stuck to the walls. It was really disgusting work
Rachel came and sanded walls, proof is she covered in plaster dust!

Spraying bleach to remove any roaches that may be alive.
I started landscaping the front yard.

I removed garbage from the property with my father's work trailer and Ford Windstar van.
This is my first house in Canada, first major renovation project, first property management responsibility too
Lunch over new toilet.

I purchased a lot of flooring. Flooring alone was $1500 plus hiring Sylvestre brothers Ryan and Jay cost addtional $1000. It's expensive to repair your own home, but cheaper than hiring out all professional trades.

Excellent primer/sealer/paint is the product above.
Favorite over oil based paints.

These photos from the beginning, damaged deck and stairs, broken concrete, marijuana greenhouse on neighbor's property next door (right). I purchased "as is" and spent a year improving the residences.
I took a break from the renovations and cycled in Iceland, England and Paris, France. Life is a challenge, some challenges are much more difficult than others to overcome. Bicycle touring is a challenge too, but it's much easier than construction and home improvement projects or working at the same job for 50 years!

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Ted Simon Foundation

The Ted Simon Foundation

About the Korean-World Author

Brian Perich was an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) lecturer for a decade, father, and adventure cyclist based in South Korea.

Previously, Brian has led Canoe adventures in Quetico Provincial Park, Atikokan, Ontario, Canada (1993/1999); led Grand American camping adventures (2000); lived at Paramahansa Yogananda's SRF Ashram for 5 months (see the film "AWAKE"), formerly worked in titanium welding at Agilent Technologies, formerly worked in Winery industry in Marin County with Kendall Jackson in California; Surfing and Meditation continued for several years in California, British Columbia, South Korea, Yoga training in California 1999-2000.

Between 1994-1998 - Brian completed his own adventures with motorcycles. His motorcycling marathons took him across the United States and central/western Canada, while traveling solo over an astounding 24,000km in 60 days! Brian endured 900 mile/1300km average days in the motorcycle saddle and apparently loved every minute of those adventures.

Today, he has given up motorcycle adventures altogether, but finds an outlet for his enthusiasm in outdoor recreation while bicycle touring and micro-blogging about those experiences on his mountain bikes.

While employed as an English teacher in South Korea, Brian has became an advocate for bicycle touring on his mountain bikes. The Korean-World blog originated from those small adventures in Korea, now expanded to cover his recent trek down the TransMongolian highway to the Gobi Desert, cycling 900km east through the Khentii grasslands and in 2012 crossing Mongolia in 45 days, 2500 kilometers 1553 miles. HimalayasX expedition Brian previously cycled across western China, the Taklamakan Desert, the northern Himalayas of East Turkestan Xinjiang/Uyghur Autonomous Region, the corrugated back roads and mountains of Kham Tibet. Brian successfully completed his 2011 mountain bike expedition with 3200 kilometers / 1988 miles unsupported, on/off road MTB adventure cycling.
Brian has completed his second mountain bike journey, MongoliaX expedition - Crossing Mongolia 2012, an unsupported mountain bike MTB expedition across 2500km of Outer Mongolia from Ulanbaatar to Altai Taven-Bogd National Park bordering China, Russia and Mongolia.

In 2013, as a sequel to a trilogy of cycle tours, Brian enjoyed a more leisure bicycle tour onboard his Koga-Miyata World Traveller seeing the northern tier of the United States and western Canada covering 3400 kilometers / 2000 miles in 30 days. This North American cycle tour was called Totherocktour. Enjoying the adventure of bicycle travel and every great conversation started while traveling on the road - has refueled his inspirations to cycle around the Earth. In 2013, while he cycled solo from the Great Lake State of Michigan, United States to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. He weaved through local communities and reconnected with friends, family and community after spending almost a decade in Asia.

Brian is now supporting several non-profit foundations through expeditions: IDEAS Foundation of Canada IDEAS is the acronym for Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society which supports the IBD community, those suffering from IBD-inflammatory bowel disease, also known as Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis.

The second non-profit foundation is ETE.ORG - Education Through Expeditions, UK which supports educational outreach programs inside schools around the world. ETE connects explorers with students in the classroom, through an interactive online program in development (Beta).

Brian is researching support for a 18000 kilometer bicycle expedition across the Americas: North, Central and South America - ONE -Arctic to Argentina
Please contact him if you are interested in helping out.

Twitter: Cycleagain
Location: Gangneung, Gangwon-do, South Korea or southern Ontario, Canada.

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Brian's friends have also been...Cycling in Korea!

Brian's friends have also been...Cycling in Korea!

Cycling in Korea, Warning: always wear a helmet! (I gave mine to my friend)

Cycling in Korea, Warning: always wear a helmet! (I gave mine to my friend)

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