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Correspondence with Polar Explorer and Everest veteran mountaineer - Eric Larsen // Explorers // Advice on overland expeditions // Mountain bike treks // Mongolia Solo 2500km Crossing 2012

 2012 Solo Crossing 2500km or 1553 miles and accumulated 40,000 meters altitude in Outer Mongolia. Now, I have professional explorers and world touring cyclists asking for advice. Eric Larsen contacted me a week ago to ask for logistical support for Mongolia. In 2010, Eric Larsen became the first person in history to successfully complete expeditions to South Pole, North Pole and the summit of Mount Everest in a continuous 365-day period. In 2006, Larsen completed the first ever summer expedition to the North Pole.
 2014 Cycle to the Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia
 Reaching the 5 Saints in 45 days overlanding.
 My top of the world expedition experience made public on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
100 miles a day experience in 2013 crossing North America in 30 days, 3400 kilometers, 2000 miles.

Re: Polar training courses Inbox x Brian Perich Mar 29 to Eric, Rob Hi Eric, CC: Rob Hill, IDEAS 

 I went through tough terrain to follow-through and finish my 2500km 1553 mile journey. On finishing and returning to Korea I had to get back into work but had terrible physical complications. This was my second official bike expedition after China and the Himalayas in 2011. I returned two years later, last summer, to ride directly to the Gobi and out east to Khentii. In total, I covered 3700km in 65 days, 2500km in 38 days pedaling on the first trip+7 days resting/recovering. I wore the old Pearl iZumi shoes when the Walk-n-bike shoes I ordered to replace them came sized smaller than a decent fit. As a result, with very little padding, I took a beating scaffolding the mountains north and then west to Khovsgol and Altai. I walked a great deal, sand deserts and the mountains climbing up while pushing the bike loaded. I still support Rob Hill from the IDEAS foundation of Canada, he is also a professional mountaineer. Let's include him in this conversation. I have lost touch with Antony Jinman, and failed to get sponsored. I did have one-off support from Lynskey Performance for their titanium frame, but I had to buy-in at cost, then they dropped me before I had finished my 2012 trip. I am considering a frame building course to my own frame 2.learn the trade for potential small business more expeditions with my own hand-made equipment. My website revealed my routes (MongoliaX2014), and the routes across the Gobi to share finally with others, because like you, I have been contacted for the route by quite a few professional explorers/cyclists, and nothing was ever offered in return which is the nature of of casual online connections and information gathering....meanwhile though for me, I had to bitterly try to finish my physio, chiro, and steroid treatments to recover and resume a normal life in Korea. I successfully completed the journeys, but that was the end game for me. Not much happened next for me except returning to teaching in Korea, which ended in January of this year (department closure/university takeover/school challenges for my children Korean-only environment/pollution issues affecting my training and whole family's health conditions and the consideration of potential employment and betterment for my wife to return to the workforce - much on my plate). Now, I am on a new challenge living in North America where I have no foothold at all - except family here to connect with. So, my personal survival expedition in North America has now completed it's second month. I spend 10 years in Asia (China and South Korea). I am currently in Windsor, Ontario returned to my parents home while supporting my two children and my wife whom after a 9 year hiatus raising children, started working finally after two months search. I am currently unemployed with foreign credentials from Sweden, they won't hire me in Canadian-sector education with foreign credentials and there are few jobs/if any available anyways. I am overlooked for factory or other jobs, even in temporary staffing - I am untouchable.So, I am considering frame building as my next move. If you are planning an expedition for Mongolia, in the summer or winter, I would like to join you - no holds barred. If you cannot accommodate me, I can still offer the routes (2012/2014) on my website in return for nothing. I know the Mongolian language, understand their culture and have some connections there, very kind people some whom I met that I won't even know where they have migrated to now, others are settled in the cities or train wild horses. It's an amazing place to challenge yourself, discover and explore. I would like to carry on exploring and connecting there, even guiding, but I don't have the business finesse/panache to fuel adventures they way you do. Thanks for writing, in confidence. If you have any collaborative ideas, I would definitely like to hear from you again. -- Brian (Windsor,ON)

Update from Altai Taven-Bodg National Park basecamp, thanks to my friends who came to support the expedition this year....
Posted by ONE - Arctic2Argentina - Eco-Expedition of the Americas & Asia Expeditions on Friday, September 14, 2012

 Eric Larsen on Fatbike starting the attempted first ride to the South Pole. 3 completed in 2014.
 Eric Larsen on his triple grand slam North / South Poles and Everest Expeditions called Save the Poles.
 Eric Larsen on his Surly Moonlander
Eric Larsen leading Antony Jinman on a North Pole expedition with ETE.

On Sun, Mar 29, 2015 at 12:38 AM, Eric Larsen wrote: 

Hi Brian -- I hope you are doing well. I was just doing a bit of googling and came across your video of Mongolia. I'm in the beginning stages of looking into a trip there and I'm curious to learn more about your route, etc. Do you have a web site that shows your track? Thanks! Think Snow! Eric -- 

It's Cool To Be Cold Adventure * Achieve * Inspire Eric Larsen Explore 3840 Broadway St. #27 Boulder, CO 80304 Phone: 218.370.9137 
Twitter: @ELExplore 
 Begin with one step...
On Sat, Feb 1, 2014 at 9:15 AM, Brian Perich wrote: 

Hi Eric, I have wondered about taking these courses for years. Now the years of the Fat bikes in Antarctica make me want to take steps closer, although reasonably, I realize I may never have funding available to do it. I would be eligible for your course in 2015, I am still in South Korea this year and will move back to Canada next January. I know there a lot at stake and on the take for sponsored polar travel, and I have not been successful gaining support with cycles, despite my biggest effort crossing Mongolia entirely unassisted in 2012. 

I watch Antony Jinman and supported ETE in faith from the beginning, the same with Robert Hill at IDEAS Foundation of Canada, now both are professionals either semi-retired like Rob, or developing like Antony. And I watch you, and I see myself in Korean EFL classrooms and know I am in the wrong place. I budgeted XXXXX from savings to complete three treks on bicycles, western China from Urumqi, across the Tian Shan mountains and Taklamakan on the Tarim route to southern Silkroad to Yecheng into the Aksai Chin mountains and back to Kashgar for a flight to Chengdu and back across Sichuan and Yunnan Himalayas in 2011. I lost 23kg training and completing, 1/2 while in China for 60 days. 

In 2012, I trained again for 10 weeks (gym no bike) and setoff on 2500km and 40,000meters of Outer Mongolia, daily peaks 18-20% grade, no switchbacks, 2300km was offroad, 1 year of medical assisted recovery. And I took an easy 3400km 30 day trek on pavement from Grand Rapids, MI to Banff National Park in 2013. I want to do more with exploring, I know what it takes (having done it without the sponsors cash-equipment) and while supporting Rob and Antony's non-profit foundations. 

Thanks for listening, Brian -- 

Brian Perich Adventure Cyclist, Explorer, Father, University Lecturer 
Ambassador at IDEAS, Intestinal Disease Education & Awareness Society, Canada 
Korean-World Micro Blog 
A2A Expedition project 
Facebook groups, 1, 2, 3 
Facebook profile 
Twitter: Cycleagain 
Media Sample 1 Media Sample 2

Cycling the Pamir Highway // M41 // Central Asia Bike Adventures // Map of Central Asia // Tajikistan adventure film // Bike adventure

Lake Sarez - Tajikistan
 Lake Sarez - Pamirs - Tajikistan 
elevation about 3,263 m over sea level and volume of water is more than 16 km³. The mountains around rise more than 2,300 m over the lake level. The lake formed in 1911, after a great earthquake, when the Murghab River was blocked by a big landslide.
 96th largest country in the world by area 143,100 km2 (55,300 sq mi), It is bordered by Afghanistan to the south, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and China to the east.
Children doing their chores collecting river water running from the Pamirs
[Authors notes] Published on Jan 31, 2014
Video of our bicycle trip through the majestic scenery of Tajikistan along the Pamir Highway..
00:11 Duschanbe (800m)
02:20 the top of Khaburabat Pass (3252m)
03:22 Kalaikhum (1260m)
03:27 Panj River/ Border to Afghanistan
04:14 Khorog (2200m)
05:34 the top of Koitezek Pass (4271m)
06:15 Alichur
06:46 Murghap (3650m)
08:22 the top of Ak-Baital Pass (4655m)
09:25 Lake Karakul (3900m)
10:33 Border crossing Kirgistan
Students in front of historic fort
Cycling Route Kyrgystan (Blog+Photos Khorog to Karakul Lake).
Map (above) route Kyrgystan - Tajikistan - Uzbekistan

[Authors notes] Published on Mar 24, 2014
00:00 Border crossing Kirgistan, Kytylart Pass (4280m)
00:36 Sary Tash
00:51 40 Let Kyrgyzstan Pass (3550m)
01:11 Taldyk Pass (3615m)
01:56 Chyirchyk Pass (2406m)
02:23 Osh
02:45 Jalal-Abad
03:01 Naryn River/ Toktogul Reservoir
03:36 Meeting Kat & Alex/ Alleycat
03:56 Lake Toktogul
05:56 Ala-Bel Pass (3175m)
06:50 Töö Ashuu Pass (3130m)
08:00 Bishkek
08:15 Hyatt Regency
08:30 Manas International Airport Bishkek
RIP Cycling World Traveller Peter Root and Mary Thompson (UK) who died in a car-bike accident later traveling through Thailand.

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HimalayasXTour // Mountain biking through // Sichuan Province // A2A Explore // MongoliaX // Totherocktour // Microadventure

“Love is a bicycle with two pancakes for wheels. You may see love as more of an exercise in hard work, but I see it as more of a breakfast on the go.” 
― Jarod Kintz
Need Motivation when life goes wrong?
Do you need strength to carry on?
Do you think you have it in you?
Do you have the strength?
Do you have tenacity?
Do you believe?
Do you dream?
Then work it.
Dream big.
Make it.

You need to get back up and fight for that DREAM, make it your reality, Not someone else's. And when they tell you that you're no good, You can probably do better than all of them.

Planning expeditions, doing them, paying for them, preparing for them - isn't easy.

 and the dream can slip away, 
friends can turn on you, family can ignore you, 
companies will ignore you, 
you will feel exhausted,
you will feel beat,
you will lose hope,

but if you will persist, 
you will eventually succeed, 

if they don't care, it won't matter,
it's what is in you that matters,
you will become successful
because it's in you,

 and forget about what happened in the past, it won't change itself. It's about today and what you can do about it.
So, remember to...put your effort into
making the rest of your life, the best of your life.

What is the route planned for the 2014 summer?
MongoliaX2014 - Mountain bike trek across Outer Mongolia.

I am calling on Reader-support (armchair warriors call to donate). If you have returned to this blog, have read, have gotten ideas to fuel your dream, give back to pay-it-forward,
MONGOLIAX2014 - Mountain bike journey.

How you can become involved - Tell 3 friends, Donate $5 or more to the campaign.
Fundraising for KIVA in partnership with Gofundme. KIVA microloans support developing communities with small businesses, they give back and raise the bar higher for HOPE.
Please support this website - if you read/enjoy this blog, please share and show you care! 

What is the route planned for the 2013 summer?
ToTheRockTour2013 - This tour is all about connecting with friends, family, community and nature from the Great Lake State of Michigan, USA to the Canadian Rocky Mountains of Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. I completed the tour in 2013, with help from friends, family and community across North America. In 30 days, 3400km of rolling landscape, open spaces, fresh air, nitrogen releasing thunderstorms, clouds and sun, wind and sunsets, good conversations along the road through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, USA into Saskatchewan and the final stretch through Alberta and Ontario. I met people from all walks of life, family friends, relatives, music festival goers, oil workers, retired couples, farmers, mosquito control summer workers, highway lawn cutters, truck drivers, entrepreneurs, teachers, store clerks, border control workers, and movie personalities (Kiefer Sutherland), Swiss vinyard heir, Italian waiter, Canadian Mountain bike announcer and social personality Crazy Larry Melnik, Japanese round the world traveler, airline reservation agent, First Nations families and American Native Indian who gave me a eagle feather that protected my journey, Totherocktour.
Meeting Kiefer Sutherland in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada in 2013
Crazy Larry Melnik and the Tour Divide riders in 2013
Crossing into Canada on Totherocktour in 2013.
Trekking into the Aksai Chin in 2011.

What is this - a bike tour, an expedition, a trip back home (Canada)?
This is all the above. A trip back home to Canada (first in 6.5 years while living in East Asia). It's an unsupported tour with the bicycle once I launch from Michigan and ride towards the Mackinac Bridge. Family is first and adventure is second for me. I spend the winter recovering from the experiences in Mongolia (X journals), so right now I am just making connections to my friends and family - this is vitally important.  Pre-tour with family, and on tour there is so much opportunity to live in the outdoor experiences. There will good times and bad times, moments with serendipity and some days with injuries and despair. But there are so many simple joys, happy thoughts, free spirited songs to be sung as I move along. You can Prepare, but don't over prepare. Take each day at a time. Go explore by doing your own thing, enjoy it and share experiences with others. Life is short but beautiful when you begin to notice more, fear less, open yourself and your ideas about the world around you. There is so much to see and so much to do. Go for it.

- See you out on the road. (:
North American crossing in 30 days, 3400km / 2000 miles.
Crossing Mongolia in 45 days, 2500km / 1553 miles.
Why go bicycle touring?
It's a great way to travel and see many parts of the world out of the tourist routes. You can travel over and through international borders, you can meet new cultures in their home environments, you learn languages, you eat delicious and exotic foods, you get exercise, you become more global minded through the process.
How did I get started in mountain bike travel/touring?
I started off with mountain biking in 1988 in and around Windsor, Ontario, Canada and surrounding Essex County of southern Ontario. I explored with my friends Ciro Viviano and Greg Schiller and later as a member of Caboto Velo Club and Maple Leaf Cycling Clubs of Windsor. I started riding BMX, Motocross-styled bikes with suspension, then steel frame Mountain Bikes with rigid forks that worked exceptionally well along the North Shore of Vancouver, British Columbia and through the XC forest trails of southwestern Ontario and Michigan. I progressed with Road racing and 700c wheeled road race bicycles.

“To ride a bicycle is in itself some protection against superstitious fears, since the bicycle is the product of pure reason applied to motion. Geometry at the service of man! Give me two spheres and a straight line and I will show you how far I can take them. Voltaire himself might have invented the bicycle, since it contributes so much to man’s welfare and nothing at all to his bane. Beneficial to the health, it emits no harmful fumes and permits only the most decorous speeds. How can a bicycle ever be an implement of harm?” 
― Angela Carter
Mongolian highway restaurant
Lynskey Performance titanium 26er frameset. Made in the USA.
Today, I have taken similar machines, both the cheap (aluminum $50 frame in HimalayasX) and the exotic (Lynskey titanium $1795 frame used in Mongolia X) assembled by my friend and professional (AN DAE GI) proprietor of Gangneung Bike Mart, Gangwon Province, South Korea.  Today, I have exceeded most of the mental barriers to 26er mountain bike endurance expeditions, but I also see the sport evolving with Fat Bikes, 29ers, 29er+, and Bikepacking which substantially lightens loads.

Where did I recently travel?
Across the Korean peninsula 2007-2010, Deserts and Himalayas of western China in 2011, and across the isolated Steppe of Outer Mongolia in 2012, but I am hitting hard pavement and visiting friends and family across North America this summer (: 

Who did I support?
the IDEAS (Intestinal Disease Education & Awareness Society) 
led by Mountaineer Explorer Robert Hill.
I supported ETE (Education Through Expeditions)
led by Polar Explorer Antony Jinman
I am also a fellow of the Ted Simon Foundation as a Jupiter Traveller
“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.” 
― Ernest Hemingway
45 days trekking solo unsupported across the Mongolian Steppe in 2012.
TOTAL ALTITUDE: 40,000 meters / 130,234 feet of altitude change on course
TOTAL DISTANCE: 2500 kilometers / 1553 miles
DAYS ON: 38 days pedaling
DAYS OFF: 7 rest and injury days
FOOD CONSUMED: 2000 grams of powdered protein, 45 mega-packs of vitamins/minerals,
12 jars of pickles, 20 liters of grazing Goat, Yak or Horse milk, Wild onions, Fresh water fish, Mutton, Sheeps tongue, 6 bowls of noodles/meat/fat, 5 kilograms of yak/goat cheese, 12 fish.
BODY WEIGHT: Start 95 kilograms. 10 weeks cross-fit 85 kilograms. Completion 72 kilograms.
DAMAGE: cracked and repaired front rack plate, bent/cracked rear carrier rack, 1 replaced, 1 repaired. 
DAYS ON: 38 days pedaling
DAYS OFF: 7 rest and injury days
ALTITUDE: N/A meters / feet of altitude change on course
DISTANCE: 3200 kilometers / 1988 miles
FOOD CONSUMED: 20 loaves of Nan bread, 2 kilograms of oatmeal with raisins, apricots and dates, 45 mega-packs of vitamins/minerals, 1.5 kilogram of Gatorade (making 50 liters)
6 jars of pickles, 10 liters of grazing Goat milk, 8 bowls of noodles/meat/fat, 2 kilograms of rice.
WEIGHT: Start 96 kilograms. 10 weeks cross-fit 85 kilograms. Completion 70 kilograms. 
EQUIPMENT DAMAGED: Rear wheel split 360 degrees, repaired with block of wood, hammer and electrical PVC tape roll, 1 bicycle tube patch.
Sichuan welcomes, mother and daughter, giggles and lunch with their family 
 This is my life, now or never!!!!
这是我的生命,机不可失,时不再来!!! — with ONE - Arctic2Argentina - Eco-Expedition of the Americas & Asia Expeditions.
 Older brother home from college to help his mother and siblings with the summer planting
 Beef bone soup and rice...and a bike wash
牛骨汤和米饭... ...自行车洗
I kept the upper fork stanchions clean (an old cotton tube sock) and the rest of the bike was covered in mud 
There's a local woman there, hauling her greens! 
 Friendly families, this young guy is a student on summer vacation returning to help his mother and younger brother and cousin
 Control center but no petrol engine is required to explore here
 lush vegetation that grows exceptionally well in Sichuan along the fertile mountain valleys
 Road conditions, very muddy!
And just a little further down the S214 we find the water buffalo in a herd

 The boys of Sichuan mountains. — at Jiuzhai Valley National Park (九寨沟)
 The future generations in Sichuan Province, in the mountains together again
 Nurture to nature. I unloaded from the hitching episode and rested on the mountain for a while to recover from the shake up. — with ONE - Arctic2Argentina - Eco-Expedition of the Americas & Asia Expeditions and Antun Čolig in Mianning County.

You just never stop moving in the Himalayas
Riding a water buffalo, first I have ever seen in person!

Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.
Charles M. Schulz

Please share the free inspiration and adventure cookbook with all your friends and families (:

Ted Simon Foundation

The Ted Simon Foundation

About the Korean-World Author

Brian Perich is now an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) lecturer, father, and adventure cyclist based in South Korea.

Previously, Brian has led Canoe adventures in Quetico Provincial Park, Atikokan, Ontario, Canada (1993/1999); Trek America adventures (2000); titanium welding at Agilent Technologies, Winery work with Kendall Jackson in California; Surfing and Meditation, Yoga training in California 1999-2000.

Between 1994-1998 - Brian completed his own adventures with motorcycles. His motorcycling marathons took him across the United States and central/western Canada, while traveling solo over an astounding 24,000km in 60 days! Brian endured 900 mile/1300km average days in the motorcycle saddle and apparently loved every minute of those adventures.

Today, he has given up motorcycle adventures altogether, but finds an outlet for his enthusiasm in outdoor recreation while bicycle touring and micro-blogging about those experiences.

While employed as an English teacher in South Korea, Brian has became an advocate for bicycle touring on his mountain bikes. The Korean-World blog originated from those small adventures in Korea, now expanding to covering his recent HimalayasX expedition across western China, the Taklamakan Desert, the northern Himalayas of East Turkestan Xinjiang/Uyghur Autonomous Region, the corrugated back roads and mountains of Sichuan and Yunnan Provinces. Brian successfully completed his expedition with 3200km/1988 miles of pavement, on/off road MTB adventure cycling.

Brian has just completed his second major epic, MongoliaX expedition - Crossing Mongolia 2012, a solo mountain bike MTB expedition across 2500km of Outer Mongolia from Ulanbaatar to Altai Taven-Bogd National Park bordering China, Russia and Mongolia.

In 2013, Brian cycled 3400km (2000 miles) in 30 days completing a cross-country bicycle journey called Totherocktour. Enjoying the adventure of bicycle travel and great conversations he cycled solo from the Great Lake State of Michigan, United States to Banff National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. He weaved through local communities and reconnected with friends, family and community after spending almost a decade in Asia.

Brian is now supporting several non-profit foundations through expeditions: IDEAS Foundation of Canada IDEAS is the acronym for Intestinal Disease Education and Awareness Society which supports the IBD community, those suffering from IBD-inflammatory bowel disease, also known as Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis.

The second non-profit foundation is ETE.ORG - Education Through Expeditions, UK which supports educational outreach programs inside schools around the world. ETE connects explorers with students in the classroom, through an interactive online program in development (Beta).

Brian is researching support for a 18000 kilometer expedition across the Americas - ONE -Arctic to Argentina
Please contact him if you are interested in helping out.

Twitter: Cycleagain
Location: Gangneung, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Thanks for visiting my Journal from Asia

I hope you enjoy the updates!

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Brian's friends have also been...Cycling in Korea!

Brian's friends have also been...Cycling in Korea!

Cycling in Korea, Warning: always wear a helmet! (I gave mine to my friend)

Cycling in Korea, Warning: always wear a helmet! (I gave mine to my friend)

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